Why You Need to Celebrate Each Day of the Month

Lao Tzu’s saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” proverbially explains the reason as to why we should value and celebrate “a single step” more than “a thousand miles.” This is because “a thousand miles” cannot exist without “a single step.”

There is a thin line, almost imaginary one, between seconds and minutes, minutes and hours, hours and days, days and weeks and so on and so forth.

Today being on 1st marks the beginning of a fresh month. Commonly on such like a date, we always see all kinds of celebrations marking the beginning of a new month. Well it is good but is it fair to do so when we have been neglecting to recognise and celebrate a single week from a single day from an hour?

Generally, the absolute answer is no. We are too lazy and ignorant to realise that a single month is born from a day. Since when did we start to value a combination of thirty or thirty one days and neglect single days. What’s so different in a month that is not in a day? Well others will say salary. Fine, but we earn that salary at end month after working for the past days that made that month. So the key thing is that normal day but not a month.

So it’s unfair to post everywhere, “Happy New Month” when we were not celebrating a single day. I think the only people who are entitled to give praises to Almighty God for seeing a new month are those people who celebrate a single day. The kingdom of new month belongs to them in particular.

The same translates to celebrating new years. It’s fair to celebrate new years because we celebrate new months. We recognise that if it were not for the past twelve months, we would not have seen new year. The same question applies, why shouldn’t we celebrate days that add up to weeks and later month? There is no difference between a year and month. The only difference is that the year depends on months to exist so do to months depending on weeks and days. No day a day will depend on a month to exist, it’s the vice versa.

Here is my point, a single brand new day is more important than a new month. Hence let’s always find joy in celebrating new days and not months. Big ups to all those who give thanks to the Almighty for a new day.

How often do you celebrate new day compared to new month?

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