5 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

5 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

August 28, 2023 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Cheating has been so normalized that people are doing it left, right and center. Whilst most don’t subscribe to polyamorous ilk of relationship, they tend to be struggling in a monogamy set up

Building and maintaining trust in a relationship is paramount. However, there may come a time when suspicions arise regarding your partner’s faithfulness. While it is essential to address these concerns with open communication, it can also be helpful to recognize some common signs that might indicate infidelity.

1. Change in Communication Patterns

One of the initial signs of potential infidelity is a change in your partner’s communication habits. If they suddenly become secretive about their phone, receive more calls/texts than usual, or avoid talking openly, it could raise suspicion.

Additionally, if they start using coded language or are excessively protective of their privacy, it may be a cause for concern.

2. Emotional Distancing

When a partner becomes distant emotionally, it can be a sign of underlying issues. If your significant other starts pulling away from intimate and emotional conversations, avoids eye contact, or shows decreased affection, it might indicate a disconnect.

Emotional distancing is often associated with cheating as their focus shifts towards someone else. This only means that you have a deputy in your relationship.

3. Unexplained Absences and Changes in Routine

If your partner’s schedule suddenly becomes erratic without valid reasons or they frequently have unexplained absences, it might be a red flag.

Pay attention to inconsistencies in their routine or sudden late-night work commitments that seem out of character. Frequent disappearances and a lack of transparency could signify a potential affair.

4. Increased Secrecy and Guarded Behavior

A sudden surge in secretive behavior can be indicative of cheating. This includes password-protected phones, private social media accounts, or an unwillingness to share their whereabouts.

If your partner becomes more guarded with their personal information or exhibits defensive behavior when questioned, it might indicate a breach of trust.

5. Lack of Intimacy and Sexual Changes

A decrease in intimacy or noticeable changes in your sexual relationship can be another warning sign. If your partner shows disinterest or becomes more experimental without any logical explanation, it may suggest they are seeking satisfaction elsewhere.

A sudden change in sexual preferences, frequency, or an aversion to physical contact should not be ignored.