Twitter (X) to Introduce Video Calls Feature

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X (formerly Twitter), has confirmed that video calls will be introduced as a new feature on the platform, aligning with its transformation into an “everything app.”

Yaccarino made this announcement during her first TV interview since leaving NBCUniversal to take on her new role at the social networking app in June.

According to Yaccarino, users will soon be able to make video chat calls on the platform without sharing their phone numbers with anyone. She also mentioned other features that X currently offers or plans to introduce, such as long-form videos, creator subscriptions, and payments.

X designer, Andrea Conway, had given a hint about this upcoming feature in a recent post where she mentioned making a call on X, accompanied by exploding head emojis.

At the time, it was unclear whether she was referring to voice calls, video calls, or both. However, her post now suggests that the calling feature mentioned by Yaccarino is actively being developed.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has previously expressed his vision of transforming Twitter into an everything app that allows users to subscribe to creators, watch videos, express thoughts with extended character limits, make payments, and potentially store funds in high-yield savings accounts.

In line with these goals, Twitter has been making progress, such as expanding its revenue-sharing program for global creators and supporting two-hour videos. Recently, Apple utilized this functionality by streaming an entire episode of its show “Silo” on Twitter.

Yaccarino echoed Musk’s concept of the everything app during the interview, stating that she joined the company with the understanding that transformation was the objective.

“When Elon announced me joining the company…he was very specific and very clear that I was joining him to help him transition Twitter to X, that everything app,” she said.

Regarding her role compared to Musk’s in shaping X’s future, Yaccarino clarified that Musk focuses on product design, leading a talented engineering team and driving new technology.

She, on the other hand, takes responsibility for running the company, overseeing partnerships, legal matters, sales, finance, and other areas. Their roles are distinct but complementary in realizing the vision for X.

This comes days after META’s WhatsApp introduced screen sharing as its latest feature to enhance the video-calling experience on its platform — taking on traditional video conferencing apps, including Microsoft Meet, Google Meet, Zoom, and Apple’s FaceTime.

The feature allows you to share your documents, photos, and even your shopping cart with contacts available on video calls.

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