Matatu Will Show You Things

Matatu Will Show You Things

February 17, 2022 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

It’s extremely crazy traveling in a matatu. Really.

The first encounter will be the conductors fighting to have you board their matatu. One will be pulling you this side, spitting on your face as he trys to explain how cheaper the fare is compared to the other.

Another conda (Conductor) will grab your other hand and trys to pull you towards the other matatu that’s blaring loud music.

At this point you are already frustrated. Anger is boiling in you. “Niwache I!!!” You shout. They just easen a little, stops pulling. Just when you start making strides, they attack again, “bado mtu mmoja tu, ingia tuende.”

You give in and board the matatu. From your window, you see other passengers going through the same; pulling, bargaining, pushing, spitting, frustrations and all that.

After 5 or so minutes, you start noticing some individuals alighting the matatu. One after the other. And the moment they step down, they are given some coins by the conda who was spitting on your face. It dawns on you that those guys were not real passengers, but just some random guys who curves your psychology to make you think the matatu is full.

Anyways, the matatu gets full after some time and the journey begins. The conda starts pacing, collecting his dues. You heard him very clearly saying the fare is 50. You give him a hundred note, expecting him to give a fifty note as balance. He throws a sign at you that probably means “wait for your change.” So, you chill.

After a while, he walks back and gives you 30 bob coins. You wait for him to add some more but he doesn’t. He just gives you a harsh look then croaks, “gari ni seventy.”

“But si ulisema 50″ you say.

Nilisemea wapi?” He retorts then walks to his spot near the door.

You don’t want to argue. You just let it slide but deep down you know your budget has been cruised so badly.

You are just worried that in the evening, they’ll probably tell you the fare is 40 bob, but the tout that you heard say that will not be the same one that will be collecting the fare.

These just adds to you more reasons why you need your own car, already.