From Best Dancer To Sort After Musician: Triple S Kenya

From being recognized as the best dancer in Migori town, to being one of the most sort after musicians, Spencer S has mastered the art to his fan’s desires.

His music hits different. The creativity and the effort instilled in the craft is evident. He says most artists fake lifestyles and perceive music to be all about fame on radio and Tv.

However, his ambition is different. He strives to be the be the best in Kenyan music scene and bring in new energy into the wave. We catch up with him to get a glimpse of what his music journey looks like.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I’m Steven Spencer Otieno but I go by the name Tripple S KENYA. I’m from South Nyanza (Migori) but I was born in Mombasa, Kisauni, Mshomoroni eastate where I spent most of my childhood.

When did you start doing music?

I started music way back while I was still in Primary school. I first started as a dancer in roadshows. In those roadshows always emerged the winner. I invariably became the best dancer in Migori town in every competition held for so many years. From there, the passion of music got into me and I’ve been singing since then.

Whom do you look up to?

I look upto many Kenyan Artists who are/were doing good in the Kenyan music industry the likes of Jua Cali, King Kaka, KenRazy and Khaligraph Jones. I see the aforementioned as very hardworking, consistent with their craft and have positive impact to our music industry in Kenya.

Which song among your songs is your favorite?

All my songs are my favorite songs, I don’t have a specific song.

Which song gave you the hardest time to write?

Mmmh…’Point Blank’ gave me the hardest time while writing coz I wanted to try something different out of my comfort zone which was HIP HOP. I thank God I achieved it.

Which challenges do you face in your music journey?

I face many challenges in music industry especially interms of promoting my content to a larger audience because it requires alot of money when most people still don’t know you well.

If you could change one thing about Kenyan music industry in Kenya, what would it be?

I could change the mentality of Kenyan artists who think music is all about being famous on TV, Radio and the streets yet deep down in their heart and mind they know they own nothing from bank account to their rural areas. Walk the talk.

What are your plans for 2021?

Have got big plans for my fans this year. I look forward to doing great collaborations with big artists because they have been requesting me to do so. I also want to drop more singles and do extraordinary music videos, so yeah, expect more sauce this year.

Give a random advice

My advice to Kenyans; eat or live according to the length of your rope. Don’t say you are in depression yet you simply compare your life with other people’s life.

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