Why We Are Webbed in Toxic Relationships

Why We Are Webbed in Toxic Relationships

November 8, 2021 2 By Belinda Ashlyn

I’ve heard of people describing their ex lovers as toxic people and some claim to have been with people that they deeply loved but later realised they were in love with the wolves and not the sheep they met. Shit happens and people change too – some are good at wearing different characters and some are good at impersonating.

A relationship becomes toxic when it reaches the point you feel emotionally and mentally drained that you don’t want to face it anymore. In most of these toxic relationships the toxic partner is most oftenly a narcissist, but they have no idea because it’s a condition that it’s not easily noted by an individual. Narcissists tend to make their partners feel they are always wrong or they are the cause of certain situations or the cause of their actions.

The toxic lovers tend to be manipulating in a way they don’t notice they are literally manipulating and you can’t also notice they are manipulating your emotions, life and psychological status – becauseyou love them. They tend to want you to be what they want you to be, in short their ‘puppet’. Blindly, you find yourself trying to please them but It never last for long (as obvious fitting shoe number 6 when you wear shoe number 5 ends up hurting your feet).

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Walking out of a toxic relationship is not always a walk in the park. These guys know how to hit your weak spots. I told you they are manipulative. They go ahead to put you in compromising situations or sometimes make you hold the guilt. They end up messing up your kindness and your weaknesses.

We all have different love languages, some touch, some words of affirmation, some time, some attention, some receiving gifts. They know all these so whenever he knows you are about to give up on the relationship they tend to pamper you according to your love language.

In as much as it’s difficult to walk out of a relationship that you’ve invested in probably in terms of money, time and emotions. It’s good to understand that self love is important and your mental health is paramount.