Is Money Important in a Relationship?

Is Money Important in a Relationship?

September 16, 2021 1 By Tyler Musalia

Money stabilizes a lot of relationships. There are relationships that, without money, the couples will no longer be goals. The wise ones said money can’t buy happiness but in real sense, money buys what brings happiness.

In this century, it is hard for a broke guy to convince a lady into a relationship, however handsome he may be. The lame belief that broke guys are good in bed is not enough to make a lady with her million dollar standards fall in love.

Ladies have been empowered to know their worth. They have been exposed to the real world where without money, goals nor vision, you are as good as void. There are ladies, the so branded independent ladies who have mastered the art of supporting their lifestyles without the hand of a man. They will pay their bills, massage their lifestyle and even support the less fortunate in ways they can. Such ladies are hard to impress. For a man to match their ‘type’, you’ll either need to be on the same financial level as them or be some steps ahead.

Are men intimidated by women who earn more than them?
A man’s ego is hard to intimidate. Some men will still force their in, even after they notice you are on two conflicting levels. Intimidation mostly comes in when the lady doesn’t respect the man. Men love to be respected, they enjoy it. They hate it when the ‘manly credit’ is taken away from them.

It is not easy for a broke man to impress a lady in a generation where money is among the elements that stabilizes a relationship. Relationships without dates, gifts and monetary surprises is hardly appreciated.

Men will end up going for ladies that they can afford, and not those that they want. Money gives a man the option of choosing the type of lady he wants, from the wide variety.

What do broke men offer?
Rub the belief that broke men are good in bed. Sexual skills are not in any way connected to a man’s financial strength. It is as personal as your toothbrush.

When a man is broke, the only thing he can offer is true love. Love that is unconditional. He will love wholly and give his whole in the relationship. He will care. He won’t buy your feelings nor sell his loyalty.

There are cases where broke guys over-depend on their girlfriends. That is wrong. It shouldn’t happen. As a man, you should be in a position to find your ways to get yours. You should hustle like a drop out and get something for yourself.

Money spices up a relationship. Money adds the flavour. Imagine the dates, the picnics, presents and adventures. Now imagine all that without money.

However, that shouldn’t be the determinant for a partner. You shouldn’t consider a lover by connecting him to his wallet. You should check many other factors such as the heart, character, beauty and any other aspect that you consider as your type before tapping on his financial ability.

The best relationship is one that you build and grow together. Meet, share your goals, vision and future plans, then get to the pursuit.