5 Ways to Spot Fake Friends

5 Ways to Spot Fake Friends

March 29, 2021 1 By Ngare Wambui

It is hard, if not rare to find a true friend. One that will stand with you through the hills and valleys of life.

If you can’t meet good people, be that good person. There is a belief that we attract what we are. If you are a kind, caring person with a big heart, chances are that you will attract people of the same demeanor.

Sometimes people take our kindness for weakness and end up ruining the loyalty and honesty in the friendship. Friendship is golden. Here are 5 ways on how to spot fake friends.

1. Fake friends are never supportive
Fake friends will never support you and encourage you to follow your dreams. They will always discourage you and throw all the negativity your way. A real friend is one who gives you support in whatever you plan to accomplish.

2. Fake friends are not trustworthy
A friend who can’t keep your secret is a fake friend. They’ll go around spreading your secrets to everyone; betrayal. You should always get yourself a friend that you can confide in and trust with your secrets.

3. They never keep in touch
Fake friends always pretend they are busy, unless they need some help from you. Friends should always be there for each other. They should check up on each other and create time for to catch up.

4. They judge you everytime
Fake friends will always remind you of all your flaws and past mistakes. They will never accept you as you are. They will always find a mistake in everything you do and judge you for it.

5. They are never there when you need them
Real friend will always find time to spend with you, and they’ll be there to celebrate your success or cry with you when you fail. Fake friends only find excuses.

“If you surround yourself with clowns, don’t be surprised if your life resembles a circus.”