I Can’t Buy It

You say you love me
Yet all you do is annoy me all day
Yell at me and show me your attitude
No, thanks but I can’t buy it

You text each passing second
You call and say how much you miss me
You FaceTime to show me your new hair
Do you even do it for us?

There’s war in this paradise
There’s no one by my side
I let them off when you came
Now I’m all alone

Facing the only person I love
Seeing a reflection of tears down his cheeks
Eyes red from the cries
The mirror is my friend now

Why are we talking to each other again?
Why are we wasting our precious time?
Why don’t we let each have their joy?
Why are we buying this fake love idea?

Maybe we were too quick
We jumped into conclusions
We should have waited,
It couldn’t be hurting now

I am so sorry I have to go
It has been one he’ll of a roller coaster ride
As you walk down the streets at night
Single and lonely, remember me

I will remember you too
Your nagging self
Your jealous and egocentric nature
I’m sorry I couldn’t afford your love.

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