At The Edge of life

At The Edge of life

November 13, 2020 0 By Osoraaw Ink

I woke up feeling useless
My heart heavy and my breath short
My skin looked pale, my eyes dry
I was at the verge of letting go

I thought of my loved ones
The ones I loved but never thought of me
How fake tears and love will fill the world
For a moment, it hit me that none of them cared

I saw Abraham by the flock
Job was there living his best life
Elijah was working on his fire chariot wheels
Jesus was telling stories to children

I wandered down to look over the abyss
Dark and bottomless
My feet became heavy, tempted to let me fall
I felt a hand over my shoulder

The voice sounded assuring
Encouraged me to fight on
But another voice distracted me
Come over, stop your misery

My life was over
I was going to give up
I couldn’t hold on anymore
I hope you forgive me

I took the rope, put it around me neck
Took the pills, hang my head
I was ready to go, I saw them cry
I felt the relief, finally, peace

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