Mama’s Words

Mama’s Words

September 30, 2020 2 By Annyta Chemutai

Just as I got duped
As a confinement in her arms
With stretches of perpetual triumph
Is the same way I wanna unbolt
Certainly transversing his hearts entry
The heart of the fine key master

“Be a woman.” Those were her trip-offs. To her, being a lady ordained that you couldn’t salute wickedness, plummetting to tricks wasn’t at your sight, conceiving was only out of tenderness, and most markedly, it meant that you were never going to be a victim of a love that never subsisted.

Look at me. I am bankrupt of the law. Not that I had no technique of averting it, but y’all can judge me anyway. Denounce me if you’ve never tripped and fell in someone’s heart and turns out you’re the only one in the setting. Do so, if charming for the wrong person has never been one of your faults. Impression found a new description; it was accompanied by weirdsm and pretence, all in the name of love. Not a single time in a lifetime had I grown this stupid, but huuuh! guess what, I had become a fool of his words.

“A buffoon” wasn’t even decent enough to set out what I had accorded, as it came to light that my situation was so inferior. I would pack myself for hours in the streets for that single show up. Every sticker at the side of my room couldn’t let a clue of him slip away.

Yeeees, I had failed mama, but I just couldn’t instruct my heart otherwise, because the heart wants what it wants.

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