Reasons Why Campus Students Miss Going Back to School

Reasons Why Campus Students Miss Going Back to School

September 10, 2020 0 By Tyler Musalia

The pandemic has chocked everyone, one way or the other. From business owners to students, from employees to employers – the sword has cut accross without judging. Comrades are no exception.

This is the longest holiday we will ever have. And to be honest, east or west, school is the best. We miss our friends, lecturers, classrooms, varsity premises and our campus lovers. We miss books too, don’t get me wrong.

It’s in every comrade’s prayer for schools to reopen quite soon. It’s also in our prayer that the pandemic curve flattens so that we may be safe. We once in history longed for such an holiday; long and long, but not any more. We have had enough of it.

There are many reasons why comrades want to be back in campus.

The plans
The pandemic has halted every plan of 2020. There are those who had plans to graduate and start the tarmac phase. There are those who were sure of a job after the graduation. Those who planned to put in all their efforts in their studies. This is that unavoidable circumstance. Our study patterns have been shifted. There are those who are lucky enough to continue with online classes and those who haven’t figured that out yet. Such is life.

All the plans that we might have sketched will now have to be revisited and revamped. We will need new plans for 2021, because clearly 2020 doesn’t count.

Free hugs
Since time immemorial, greetings have played a major role in our human interaction. It has always helped to foster peace, relations and even easen grudges. On campus, hugs are these greetings. They play all the above roles and even more that I will mention in my next feature of Comrades Opinion. These young earthlings might look okay at home, but deep down they really miss the free hugs. In aproximation, a comrade could receive close to 200 hugs in a day. Look at them, they don’t even receive a handshake, thanks to corona.

Comrades are broke. This is the best time to start up some businesses or chase some hustles, but in reality, the pandemic has overshadowed all these opportunities. It is hard to start a business now, furthermore they don’t have that capital. People are losing their jobs since companies aren’t making much profit like they used to before Rona, it’s unpredictably hard to get a job.

While on campus it was easier to do your maths on how you’d get some chums. I won’t mention HELB loans and the pocket money from folks.

Campus relationships
The word entanglement trended afew months ago. It came to my realization that campus relationships were just entanglements that hid themselves under the title of relationships.

In as much as the relationships hardly last, they help keep a comrade sane throughout the semester. They are life lessons in disguise. We miss that. It is hard to fall in love while at home. It is a struggle. Unlike at home, getting a partner in campus only requires you to have one of these four elements: be astudent leader, have money and drip (fashion sense), be a wordsmith, be popular. Miss me with that heart thing!

Events and Night life
It’s every comrades dream to turn up. We miss having great times with our friends. It is hard to turn up and go back to your folk’s house tipsy. That is disrespect – don’t do that. And that is why we miss campo. We miss turning up and going back to our four-students-cost-shared hostels or bedsitters.

Hang in there, fellow comrades. Nothing is permanent. This pandemic will come to an end. Just observe the safety measures and stay safe. Put on that mask, sanitize, observe physical and social distancing and all will be well before you know it. Hopefully, we shall embark to the good life. We shall board again on the normal life that we were used to. We shall overcome!

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