April 25, 2019 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

HIV & AIDS has been one of the most dreaded nightmares, but not anymore. It has become like any other normal illness you know of; one that you can slide a pill down your throat and get jocund in a matter of a jiffy.

Recently, there have been these screenshots doing rounds on our social media platforms, origin being Betty Wahome, on Instagram as @bett_wahome. Individuals have gained the courage to address the awareness of this dreadful virus through Betty. It is devastating if not traumatising to get wind that most of these fine, bootylicious ladies and hunk men are among the vessels of this dreadful virus, hey I mean, you can’t know who has and who doesn’t – they are all smiling the same way!

The stories and ordeals on the screenshots can make you abstain or even become a nun, instantly. Just a read through them gives you chills and your mind immediately flashes back to the last time you smashed – and whether you had protection on or you slid raw! 

It’s a good thing (I lacked a proper word) to address these issues, and equally important to know your status. In one of the screenshots, this lady says she never knew she had the virus untill she went to a party with her husband and in what seemed like a sexual accost from her husband’s friends is when the news came out that her husband is not only gay but also has the virus! How sad!

This thing is real! It’s out here and spreading soooo fast. You might be loyal and faithful to your spouse, but is he/she faithful as well. You might think since this mama has a fine ass, she thick, she light skin and looking healthy that you can smash her raw oblivious of the status, bruh you tripping! HIV is not a tattoo on the forehead, it’s not written on the genitals either. 

Campus students have been the most victims in these ordeals, at least with the stats from @bett_wahome’s IG story. They get involved in unprotected sex with the lecturers in the name of getting good grades, they smash with sponsors in pursuit to live a fake lifestyle, they give in to dudes and ladies in the club oblivious of their status and some even have the balls, yeah right, balls to spread it knowingly.

Betty has given us the scope of what’s really happening out here while you are busy smashing random girls and sleeping with someone’s husband. 

With that said, we have only two fat options: Abstain or use protection. Know your status before you upload your sponyo on your status, Kumbaff!

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