Don’t Be Mad

So you called me mad
Because I made you mad
But we’re you not the one who dragged me in the mud?
You have no right to call me mad
And don’t take it so hard

You lied that I neglected you
When all you did is love you
You forgot I existed
You were supposed to love me too
Don’t be mad at me, it’s all on you

I created time for us
You were booked all the time
Did you ever think of us?
I knew you wanted an excuse to leave
As caring as I was, I let you leave

I thought you were yo come back
I believed we were meant to be
I kept hoping and praying
I didn’t know I was only bothering God
Don’t take it too hard

Now I am with my better half
Your fly guy just flew away
Solitude is consuming your lonely soul
Misery dawned on your dark soul
Don’t be mad, it’s all on you

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