Yeah, you heard me right, cut me off. Cut me off from the 10/10 scale. Infact, I wouldn’t mind being positioned at the 2/10 one. I would even order a little wine and toast for that because it’s where people think we belong, and probably a place we’d rather stay.

Blushes add up to hot lady points, but I can’t puzzle out how such combinations can be built without struggle. Stripped chin lines is what we’d repudiate but that’s actually what you’re gonna be served. Id be brushing you off if I spilled that it’s what I oftenly do, yet truth unfolds that I’ve been hiding under my own skin and running from shame. Actually, that’s what we’ve all been doing, and if reality check is what this guys want, then so be it, coz we’re no longer adding points, rather, we’re framing what actually enchantress is.

“Shepu nane” sounds sweet,not only when uttered, but it’s also the kind of attraction we’re addicted to. What if I told you that I’ve been working out for ages and instead,I lose my goal. What if I told you that I’ve been dieting for years, and as a result, I end up starving. You wouldn’t want to hear this,but what if I also said,I ended up in a plastic surgery room, in the name of impressing people or rather being liked by that hot guy.And in the end, it hits us that we’re all obsessed and not in love, because love knows no shape nor belle.

Long messy hair could be my description of cute, and your term as ugly, but we all end up in the phrase “it’s about what we love”. Comfy is way better than being overloaded with strains just trying to gain attention. Who said we couldn’t be noticed with our twinned matutas or simple braids with unapplied jell? Sometimes, we don’t wanna look okay, we wanna feel okay.

Walk out, or if you can put up seeing me in that same old grey skirt for as long as am in here, then you could walk in if you had ever subsisted.

Hot, pretty and charming is what we term as beautiful, but couldn’t we add happiness to that list too, coz we could be pretty just by a gleam.And of course, we all need such assurances, “I want you today, tomorrow and incase forever exists,count it too”. If not, please, cut me off!

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