Use This Pandemic Period To Explore Your Skills

A couple of weeks ago at dusk, I still have it fresh in mind as if it were yesterday. The sun was setting, colouring the western horizon orange. I was taking undesignated walks with my earphones on, dancing stylishly to my groovy playlist. I won’t mention here the songs because there’s no time for them. The moves to my dance propelled me at an intriguing speed to my unknown destination. I didn’t even care about who was around me and the undeserving attention I was awarded by onlookers. ‘Ger out of hea!’ didn’t matter to me.

I got a grip of myself from the stupor of music listening spree when an interruptive call from Ken blew it off. Ken, my ever funny friend, one would never restrain themselves from laughing hysterically by just throwing glances at this human being. He had a hilarious demeanor. “Hey dude! I have just seen you passing by me here, just make a turn around and your eyes will be on me”. I just knew there was something palatable that would be accompanied by some rib cracking laughters that Ken would serve me. I couldn’t wait. It did not take me long to locate this buddy in the thick crowd, he was in conspicuous clad and his funny countenance signalled me his location. Didn’t I say Ken was a cool guy with lots of groovy things? He took me to a serene joint where sugarcane juices were served. The drinks were frothy and tasty, I could not have enough of them.I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of squeezing sugarcane to let out its very sweet juice.

This unprecedented time we’re in got everyone pants down! If you were prepared, can I see your hands up? I knew it! There is none! Our minds have been squeezed mercilessly by this situation brought about by this ugly monstrous contagion. Many have been left with serious psycho problems because it’s truly overwhelming! Oops! Our minds have been squeezed, and what’s oozing out? Any sweet tasting sap that could be gleaned from this squeezed minds as the aforementioned sugarcane? The COVID -19 season has awarded us a lot of free time. One wakes up only to start sleeping on the coach because their daily schedule is empty as opposed to the times when we had normalcy. This is really mind-squeezing.

What a rare to find opportunity at our disposal! We might never see it again after the ugly COVID- 19 will have been fully combatted. How can we leverage this time to ooz out some ‘pleasantries’? How can we pause to let out our ingenuities and avail them for the world to see? This will leave us never the same again as a mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimension.

Are you a writer? You can ooz out very intriguing articles from the comfort of your quarantine facility. What of them that have ever posed themselves as poets? Ooz out the poetry acumen for the world to enjoy the product of your squeezed mind.

There are a million and one stuffs that our squeezed minds are replete with to show case to the world. Don’t waste this lengthy, precious time at your disposal.

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