Elani: Albums, Career & Members of the band

Elani: Albums, Career & Members of the band

August 18, 2020 0 By Tyler Musalia

Elani have been consistent in their shots for hits after hits. The unique storylines, soothing voices and deep messages in their songs makes one yearn for more and more. They have been in the game for a decade and counting. They met in January 2008 at Alliance Française in Nairobi. The Trio was originally a quad; Brian Chweya, Wambui Ngugi, Maureen Kunga and Daniel Kimani. Kimani later left the group.

What are the names of the members in Elani?
Elani consists of 3 members namely, Brian Chweya, Wambui Ngugi and Maureen Kunga.

Which Record label is Elani signed to?
Elani is signed to Record Union.

How many albums do Elani have?
In total, Elani has 3 albums and 3 EPs so far. Their debut album came out in 2014. It was titled Barua Ya Dunia. In 2019, they dropped off two albums; Colours of Love and Elani instrumentals. All their 3 EPs were released in 2019; Digital Me, Ayin and Speaking in Cursive.

How many awards does Elani have?
In 2014, Elani was nominated for Channel 0 Music Awards under the category of Most Gifted-East. The same year, they won The Best African Pop at the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA).

Fun fact
Wambui Ngugi graduated with a Bsc. In Actuarial Science from The University of Nairobi in 2012.

Brian Chweya and Maureen Kunga are advocates of the High Court of Kenya.