Singing Since Second Grade: Kokoro Daniels

The passion for music struck Kokoro Daniels when he was in the second grade. One of his best friends, who also had musical prowess introduced him to the world of vocals and that’s how the seed bloomed.


Kokoro, whose real name is Daniel Itugi has grown to fall in love with music every single day. Born in Mombasa, he grew up watching his friend flex on his vocals, an act that made him stick to the passion whole heartedly up to this very day.

Photo: Kokoro Daniels


Changing the game

Apart from singing, he asserts that he is a huge fan of listening to music. He listens to different genres with an aim of finding the gaps and changing the game with his mavericks.


“My enthusiasm for music has been driven by a desire for recognition in the business, as well as a desire to alter the game for the better,” He says.



In his music career, he asserts that he gets inspired by Otile Brown and would one day wish to atleast strike a collabo with him.


He also idolizes the Tanzanian singer, Harmonize. He describes the two artists as “artists who have exceptional abilities” which contributes significantly to his enjoyment of their music.


Kokoro Daniels recently dropped a song titled ‘One Man Killer’ which he says is one of his favourite songs.


“The song is a whole vibe and I’m glad that the fans have also given a good reception,” He says.

Photo: Kokoro Daniels

He however admits that he found it hard to write his first ever song because he “had no idea how things were done in this industry. I was still new to the game and everything seemed complex. But I have overcome all that with time.”



Despite having a tang passion for music and producing content that his fans relate to, he asserts that getting the funds to record music and shoot videos can be a bit of a challenge.


It’s even worse when you lack a reliable management that can walk you through the process, he says. Some managements mistreat and take advantage of artists and that makes it hard to find a management that has a remarkable work ethic in the industry.


If he had the authority, Kokoro says, he wouldn’t change much about the music industry other than “giving local music a lot of attention in the mainstream media.”


With his recent release ‘One Man Killer’ having a positive reaction from his fans, he plans to drop atleast three music videos to keep the fanatics locked. Also, he envisions to make his way into the hearts of Kenyans by producing music that they will enjoy and impact them.


Partying shot: Just work hard and be patient.

Photo: Kokoro Daniels

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