When’s the last time you had a good long loud laugh? I mean where your jawbone started aching, your ribcage cracking and tears busting the banks of your eye lids. Kenan osyanju alias Khoja Local is the talk of the town, he has mastered his art and delivers the best quality that you can ever come across. TYM caught up with him on the social media streets and here is what he has to say

Who is Khoja local?

Khoja Local is a young man Kenyan with Luhya roots, who’s always happy.

What’s the origin of the name?

Well, Khoja is a shrub version of “Khocha” which is a Luhya name for “uncle”. Back in 2018, while working in a club in Bungoma town as a cleaner. I had a coworker who used to call me Khoja, that’s how it spread and soon afterwards everyone called me so.

Tell us a bit about what you do, about the world of vines?

Well, I’m a hustler doing menial jobs, anything legal is doable to me. Moreover, I do comedy, write songs, scripts and also act…I also go to church on Sundays (laughs)

About your journey?

It started all the way when I was still a kid. At one moment in class 4, I noticed that everyone around me was ever happy and therefore made a lot of friends. I never noticed the comedy in me by then. Later on when I joined Teremi high school, I would participate on talent shows held once a year in the school. I’d mimic different personalities within the school and would outshine everyone in the game. This time round too, I didn’t think a lot about it. After high school in 2016, My mother had no enough money to take me to collage so I resorted to hustling, I got a little cash, went to Nairobi at Riccobeatz to record a song which was very much disgusting. Haikunipendeza…I felt like a looser haha. Moving forward to 2018, I recorded another song which did much better but didn’t hit the airwaves. That’s how I ended giving up on music. A year later in 2019 while relaxing at home, I jokingly mimicked how Luhya women talk, uploaded it WhatsApp status then went offline. Later on it was on my contacts statuses as well, they had shared it, been doing vines since that day.

Is doing vines a part time or something you do full-time?

It has become a full time job since the genesis of the Covid-19.

What type of challenges do you come across?

Since I’m broke sometimes I lack money to upload my vines. Therefore, the main challenge currently is lack of sponsorship.

In the rise of many people who do vines, and funny videos in places like tik tok, how do you make sure you capture the attention of your audience and separate yourself from them?

My uniqueness stands out. I always invest much time and attention to the punchlines so that they sound great to my fans.

What’s the source of inspiration for your content?

My culture and originality inspires me a lot. I am always proud of my culture.`.

How do you balance your social life and personal life?

It’s not that difficult, even when walking around interacting with fans and other people becomes easy because I keep it simple. Back at home it’s just the same, same chores just like my siblings, nothing special really.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

Josh2Funny, the Nigerian makes me laugh a lot. Another one is Mondy, the Tanzanian comedian and also Flaqo Raz here in Kenya. Just the trio at the moment.

What made you venture in it?

I love it when I make people smile, that factor inspired me most to venture into comedy.

Who is your target audience and what specific message to do pass across?

People of all walks. kids love my content because I use a kid’s voice which is always funny, on the other hand, teens like my content because I talk of love youths like my content because I talk of love relationships and parents love my content because I do skits talking about family issues. I pass peace and love in all my skits.

What’s your advice to the young people looking to venture in the field?

Hard work, prayers and humility. Nothing comes easy and no big artist offers them a platform for their growth. This is the time for them to grow.

Parting shot?

I love all my fans and I won’t disappoint them in any way as long as they keep supporting me,

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