July 30, 2020 4 By Annyta Chemutai

Ever wondered how your mr.right would look like? How many inches tall he’d be,or how both of your skins would blend to perfection? Yeah, we’ve probably day dreamt of that severally. More enough for them to be part of us for they’ve been ghosting in our lives.

Claiming that my dream guy contemplations are just typical, could be a total palter.Its one of those dreams you’d never wanna arouse from. A tall,dark,slender guy with lined up beards, has always been my perfect picture imagination of my ride or die man. And what could make him more striking if not with his glasses on? I’ve never found answers as to why I find guys with glasses so fascinating, and neither have I ever bothered to do so.

Mr.right could be your next door guy, your highschool baffie, but it never crossed my mind that he’d be my best friend. At first, I found it so awkward to call that guy that knows so much about me, the love of my life. Like, how could his heart be attached to mine, yet my flaws, strength and the weird part of me were in his tips. Occassionally, I could forge a side of me,so as to build the C.V that I thought I had completely destroyed in the olden days at his presence. Funny enough, that was the side of me that he had fallen for.

“Welcome to boy drama year.”These were the kind of lyrics that failed to balance the puzzles in my mind, contrary to the beautiful song inside it. How could I possibly spin friendship into a love affair? Not that I had no clue our late night texts would suddenly shift from “Hey bestie”to “Hey love”, but how could I possibly date my best friend?

Reality ain’t gonna play your favorite tune,your sweetest beats, nor your best dance moves. Rather, it would remind you that shit happens over and over again.”Fake it till you make it” is the vibe that we would wanna hit, when we’ve got no option, but this time I did it because of an irritrievable guy. Feigning that he couldn’t make my heart beat so much faster,was the most dramatic tale I wouldn’t wanna narrate. In pursue of initiating my feelings in pretence, I not only lost my Mr.right, but also my bosom buddy

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