July 4, 2020 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

Modelling, Photography and YouTube are the three pillars that stabilizes her day to day passion. We get to know more about Joy Mwende, a video vixen who is giving gentlemen sleepless nights, by default.

Briefly tell us about yourself

Joy mwende, a 19 year old, second year student at Zetech University doing mass communication.

Awesome, so tell me,how does it feel being a model in Kenya?

Ok since I was young I have always wished to be popular, it has always been my dream and I think day by day my dream is coming true, I feel very good. It’s an unexplainable feeling.

True, it seems unexplainable, maybe your beautiful smile does better in explaining that. And how does your parents take this? Seeing you all over the media,do they support you?

Ooooh no they don’t, my parents loathe fame and they are convinced that what am doing is bringing kind of a famešŸ˜‚but sometimes they just understand since am also doing media career. I hope with time they will be on my wavelength.

Sure, they will understand you one day. Recently, your IG has been flooding with promising photos of you and Dufla Diligon, can you talk about this?

Wooow Dufla DiligonšŸ˜Šwe had gone to Mombasa with him, they were shooting a music video and I was their video vixen. the video will be out soon.

SurešŸ˜Š, I’m his fan so probably will watch the video before anyone else, have you worked with any major artist other than Dufla so far?

The video is a lit one, Mmmh not really but on Sunday I will be working with Brown Mauzo. The video that we were doing with dufla ilikuwa ya an artist known as M.O.D ft Dufla. salute to M.O.D wherever he is.

What is the challenge you face as a model and a youtuber?

The big challenge is there is competition and still not everyone who wants to see you getting somewhere. I mean not everyone will appreciate you anyway.

That’s true Joy, and what keeps you going?how do you overcome all the challenges and haters?

Mmh when growing up my parents have always taught me to never be pulled back by people’s words or mouth as long as I know am doing the right thing and also I had this man who has always told me that my kneels are the solution meaning I should always pray.

Wow, you must be so close to your parents and God. And that brings me to the question; what do people know about you? Or rather mistake you for

I am a humble person, and I love respect so much. People mistake me from my social media like some people even see me in town and fail to stop for a greeting then later dm me “I saw you today in town” and am like “why didn’t you wave?” Then they’d claim that they thought I’d snob them. I really feel bad coz they are all fans and they keep me moving.

That’s so sad, so apart from modelling and the YouTube, what else do you do?

I also do photography, I take this as a hobby. I’m a photography fanatic, I used to kuhepa home and go for shoots so my dad akachoka and he promised that on my 18th birthday he will gift me with a camera.

Major plan this year?

I have many plans this year; I want to vixen in more than 10 videos and also I want to start going to different high schools and talk with the students, I aslo want, if possible, to talk to girls about relationships. I feel like girls are being used in this relationships and I feel very bad about this.

Where do you see your self in the next 3 years?

If all the plans come through in the next 3years I will be far. Can’t really say where but I know with God I will make it.

which is the worst statement that has ever hurt you so bad?

I remember someone has ever told me that I had a pot belly and my height doesn’t fit for modeling, this kinda affected my self esteem ’cause I was feeling like my mirror has been lying to me all along, had a flat tummy and have never even tried going to the gym. But now I can’t allow anyone to Lower my self esteem.

That’s was awful. Partying shot to the youths?

To the youths do what makes you happy. Make sure you do it with passion and don’t let anyone pull you down, you can make it.

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