June 29, 2020 1 By Brian Khavalaji

Bro code Is a hyped set of unwritten rules meant to bind male friends together at the expense of any other codes that ever existed. My guy’s babe once inquired if his man had another lass in his life. This was so damn straight, I was scared. It was proverbial the guy was a serial cheater but inclined to say I didn’t know anything thanks to the bro code. Loyalty was key, I had to prove it. Denying her the right to know the real guy she was hooked to.

Have you ever been convicted by something you believe in? My case was these rules followed by bro’s. It is somewhat a constitution of a kind. It has been in existence in ages, with many people opining that it has to be popularized in the media, thanks to the pussification of America because bro’s wouldn’t follow them.

So why is it so important for a man to adhere to the brocode as if his life depends on it? I believe, just like any other rules, the brocode was meant to help friends be there for each other no matter what. However, over the years, men have used it to their advantage, what one person once told me was a “sexist hogwash.”

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There are many rules, but the top of the list is that a bro’s sister, ex, crush and mother are off limits. However, the golden of it all is the mighty “bros before hoes.” The latter is a lot of rubbish if you ask me, I believe you should have the back of your bro in times of need, but you shouldn’t turn a blind eye where a woman is involved. While we can’t be perfect ourselves, it is prudent to save sinking boats when we can.

I once reasoned with Nancy Muiruri, a Daily Nation writer, when she said that the code involves rules that contain all the negativity ladies hate in love relationships. It was here that I was enlightened, most of the rules surrounding relationships, breeds toxic masculinity of the highest order. While I don’t dispute the fact that bro code is a life saver, I’m of the opinion that it has turned to something you can never be proud of. A friend of mine, narrated to how ladies at her campus are prone to cheating with their friend’s boyfriends. The story is not different from men, who you may want to argue are governed by the code.

The hypocrisy displayed when a friend calls you kiongozi ‘babes’ and all that, is sharing the same premium membership with the Pharisees. That they will pamper you with all sorts of shenanigans, yet they’ll be low-key chewing your sugarcane.


It is here that I rest my case. Hey, before that, if you are serious about this dating business, thoroughly scrutinize friends of the person you want to share a soul with. Furthermore, try not to assume red flags. There’s always one that will fore warn you. All you need to do is take heed when the time comes. On the contrary, if we are dating and you are silently cheating on me with my buddy ( a best friend, if I may) what kind of person are you turning to? There is no girl code, yet we all need to think for our friends when they cannot. Eventually, the guilt of knowing your friend is being cheated on and you said nothing, will forever haunt you. Unless you didn’t invest any emotion in the friendship.

If you want to be safe, how about you don’t argue about bro code. This is more of a necessity. It’s in itself a question of common sense . Try to have a feel of safety that comes with it. Maybe, recognize the siz code that exists but not practice?. I mean can’t girls just borrow a leaf from bro code?

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