June 30, 2020 14 By Black Barbie

Where is the justice to this cruelty
Nowadays police brutality seems normal
Pain and hate has taken over innocent hearts
Demonstrations and protests all over
Every day citizens being harassed
Some beaten to death while others shot
Busy tweeting about cases in different countries
Yet you can’t see troubles in your own country
Work out with your country’s problems
Black is just but a color, to us added up melanin
No need to end up causing emotional wreck and distress

Never heard of any justice made to those lives lost
Never seen police to police investigation
I guess it ends up in silence hurried deep in the O.B
Let’s talk about rape and teenage pregnancies
While people in power have nothing to say
Make your community not a street in a state
Obstruction of justice should stop

I am tired of being insecure
What if it’s me shot down next to a lifeless image
What if its my next of kin
That comes home with injuries from police officers
Police brutality should be the caption
Justice to all lives lost due to police brutality
We all deserve to live despite our flaws

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