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Aren’t we?💭
“I know what you are thinking,”sounds cliché… But maybe I do. Or maybe I don’t. Let’s find out.

Addiction is a psychological and or physical inability to stop consuming a drug, a chemical, a substance or an activity. Where do you lie?

We always have a choice.

You most definitely own a smartphone, but did you know that an average smartphone user checks their phone 47 times a day? Are you among the 85% who check their phones within 1 hour of waking up or going to sleep?

Smartphone addiction is real. In other words nomophobia (described as the fear of not having your phone around you) is a thorn in the flesh.

🌎Statistics show that the top three countries affected by this issue are Brazil , China and United States of America respectively.

🌡66% of adults is said to be addicted to their devices while 65% sleep with their phones which is similar to about 2 in 3 people. It is a rising trend in students.


An interesting discovery shows that there are some students who even shower with their phones!

What are the causes of this addiction?
Well, there are a few reasons behind the human kind clinging to their phones. Games🎮, surfing, dating sites📱, online shopping 🛍 and pornography are some of the reasons leading to this alarming discovery.

Intermittent rewards is also a huge contributor. This refers to the irresistible feeling of uncertainty making you check your phone now and then. Who knows, that company may have emailed you to start your new job on Monday. Or, remember that crush you were eyeing the other day…they might have texted back😂.

You might still not be convinced. How will you know that you are addicted to your phone?😢

🏃First off, you do the check. You start searching for your phone frantically.

🤒Anxiety dreams are real. Sometimes, you even dream about losing your phone. And that stresses you out.

❌Breaking the rules. Would you rather leave your phone home or risk reporting late for your job? Well? We always do the U-turn incase we left our phones behind.


😡You become aggressive towards not finding your phone. Where could that thing be?

You have checked everywhere and you cannot find it. Feel like banging your hand into a wall? Lol. 😹Been there, done that.

You practise phone snubbing or in other words phubbing. This is always checking your phone for any notifications even when you are with your friends or family.

We all do. 🙂
Have you wondered why the leading technology innovators shield their loved ones from using their own devices? Isn’t it ironical that Bill and Melinda Gates only allow their kids to own phones after they have reached the age of 13?

The renowned owners of Microsoft even have a parenting recipe. Interesting right? Here it is.🍵
❌No screens before bed.
❌No phones at meal time.
📱Must be 14 years and above to own a phone.

Here is a conversation between Melinda Gates and Steve Jobs ( the owner of apple). “ So your kids must love the ipad?” It was the company’s first tablet, duuh?! “They haven’t used it .” He
told her. ❤❤These parents limit how much technology their kids use at home.

Chained but we can break free.💫


Are there ways to curb nomophobia?
Fortunately yes.

📌One important thing to note though, if you want this to work, you have to admit to yourself that you are indeed addicted to your phone.

📌Most importantly, disable all notifications in your settings. You do not have to know that someone liked your post on instagram or someone sent you a friend request on facebook.

📌Delete all the apps that you do not use. Not only will you reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone, but you will also free up some space for more important and necessary things.

📌Set specific boundaries for smartphone usage.

📌You can also download apps like SPACE, MUTE and MOMENT that were specifically designed to check how much of your waking time you spend on your phone.

I hope I gave you value for your time. Sending love and warm hugs. Thank you💌💞.

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