June 21, 2020 19 By Simeon Masai

It’s a reminisce to some dudes but to others, it’s gory nightmares. Let me be evocative to you by bringing fourth form biology memories. I still have it in my mind, clear and fresh as if it were yesterday. The topic was called ‘Support, Movement and Coordination’. I won’t be creepy by bringing back the haunting experience of cramming those hardest names of bones. How does a sane human understand such!

I just need to be silent on this and be emphatic on coordination that details the brain. This too was not a walk in the park but let’s suck the nuggets which I’m convinced within my spirit that they’ll be undoubtedly helpful. Dismiss me right away if I’m speaking empty air.

Let’s push on the facts finder button and explore the realities about the content of our cranium. Researchers in their laborious endeavors on how human beings leverage on the brain capacities in their life time have found enough that’s insightful. In my tour and hunger to devour this crucial piece of knowledge, I was privileged to interact with some findings that I’d wish to graphically illustrate them to you.

A research done and published by Frontiers In Human Neuroscience that premiered in 2017 by neurologist Barry Gordon had some convincing explainer. He found out that humans use only 10% of their brains in their entire lifetime. I know how this triggers us to probe the hugely remaining part. Oops! I’m just a computer scientist trying with all my unprofessional strength on the subject matter trying to challenge us on how to utilize the highly coiled grey matter under our skulls.Trust me, I have nothing to do with neurology and the likes.

Like any other organs, the brain is affected with personal lifestyle, diet and general body exercise. My interest is on this, that I’m doing a close follow up of our lifestyles to enhance brain functionality with the end beauty metal health, more so how it can be leveraged to output the best, especially during this time when the dark cloud of corona is hovering above us. No worry we have a glimmer that is found in the proverbial words that goes, ‘Every dark clouds has it’s silvery lining’.

As a computer scientist pave way for me to utilize my acumen to present my professional aid. Let me dive into it peradventure it would be helpful. This might mitigate the merciless ravage that the virus has caused in this unprecedented time. Our brains are truly extra extraordinary; unlike computers which are built with certain specification and receive software updates periodically, our brains can actually receive hardware updates in additional to software. Different pathways that form and fall dormant are created and discarded according to our experiences. This cuteness of our brains is what I’d really wish us to focus on.

When we learn new things, we create new connections between neurons. Oops! This sounds a bit technical but no biggie lets glean. We rewire our brains to adapt to new circumstances .This happens on a daily basis , but it is also something we can encourage and stimulate.

How about now that we have found ourselves in confinement, reasons well known to everyone that has awarded most of us affluence of time than we have ever dreamt of, we make maximum use of this beauty on top off our necks. Our brains have not been confined neither been subjected to cessation of movement. Let’s leverage our prowess to make the world a better place!