June 12, 2020 4 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

You obviously have gotten wind of the hungry and greedy claws of University lecturers. You have also heard their famous trade with campus students. You might have been a victim (a client, in this case) or know someone who has. Yes, am talking about the orgasmic relation between students and lecturers.

It’s nothing new to the ears. Universities have morphed from being centers of growth and knowledge into a big open brothel of perverted souls, fornicators and adulterers. The free hugs shared after every lecture is worth enough to allow the pants to meet the floor. The weird looks that students knot with lectures are enough to earn them good grades – and that means, they’d switch from attending lectures to attending coitus appointments.

Welcome to reality.

A large number of ladies in campuses fall into these traps. It all starts in classes, before it ends in bed, sometimes in VCT or the grave. They are hardly able to escape the claws of the hungry hyena. One, because hyena has experience in that jungle and two, because hyena has power to make your certificates look miserable.

The hyenas are invariably married and have kids. They have kids quite the same age as their preys. But that doesn’t bother them at all. They wear dark shades to reality and put their sexual desires in the forefront.

However, sometimes their actions are triggered by their preys. There are students who will seduce lecturers. They will openly voice out their ‘grievances’ in the crowd of the class, and even accompany their words with suggestive fidgets. As if that’s not enough, they text the hyenas in the hide of asking for notes of a certain unit, or clarification on forged intentions. And since the hyenas have experience, it doesn’t take them long before they flip the tables and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Whenever such topics are discussed or addressed, the male character is always the lecturer and the female the student. On the flip of the coin, the situation is the same to male students. The female hyenas are no exception to these trade. Male students are neither absent in this reverse pursuit for grades and financial greed.

Sexual lecturer-student relationships are a nightmare. It might look blissful to slay around with the financial status bestowed by a lecturer, or the good grades earned through moaning, but not until you contract STI or AIDS, maybe pregnancy. It could be fun and sweet to bed a younger soul, not untill your own daughter or son go through the same. They say Karma is a bitch?

Good grades can still be attained without the shortcuts. Normalize being content with what you have. You come from a struggling background? That lecturer should not be your financial pillar, the price is expensive- study and get yours! Normalize being content with what you have. You, yes you professor/Mr./Mrs. respect your marriage, respect your students, respect your career!

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