Since gengetone revolution in the Kenyan music scene, diverse talents have emerged. Joefes asserts that his music journey began way back than he can really recall. With a legendary style, extraordinary tune and invincible energy, he has mastered the art of painting his name on the tallest building. He shares his bits of life.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I’m Joefes. Very little is known about me. I’m an artist under Black market records, a song writer and a guy who usually loves to mind his own business.

When did your music journey begin?

My music Journey started the moment I was born. Everything I did as a young boy led to this very moment. There is no definite time to when I started my music Journey.

How has Covid-19 affected you as an artist?

Staying indoors and having limited time or no time at all to interact with fans. The pandemic has also affected events. They were either canceled or pushed forward. I also can’t shoot videos like before the pandemic.

Which is your favourite song among your songs?

The Meet Up

Where do you see gengetone in the yearsto come?

Nothing more than a global phenomena.

You recently dropped abanger called LIKE THIS, tell us about it

Like This is a good feeling feeling track. It’s a track that encourages one to just let loose and have a good time. Quaratine got people stressing so the jam is meant to elevate their spirit. It’s also a unique track since I shot it with a 100 Bob budget and it has no cuts, it’s a one take video.

Joefes – Like This (official video)

One of your female fan told us to ask you if you are dating

Someone is seeing me.

What should your fans expect from you this year?

Bangers after Bangers. Don’t sleep on me fam.

Advice to any aspiring artist

Consistency and creativity. Everyone is doing the same thing try a different route.

Partying shot

Ninasign out LIKE THIS.

Below are some of his Hits.

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