Born of a typical or let’s say an original tropical African bloodline, my level of scepticism with coffee was just over the roof and to make it all arid in the mountain top,it was white coffee but as I said, am all African which comes with the flexibility to try out new stuff. The evening was not as smooth, or rather, those books with the most lovely covers could have the most boring context, so I thought.

He wasn’t just the guy to run a smooth talk , the consistency of our narrative was just similar to a Kenyan road,bumpy and rough even at 20km/hr .This dude looks all sharp but doesn’t know anything that happens in the social world, he’s not been to events leave alone he’s just a beer guy , weird how someone would ignore a scotch leave alone a gin or is he just figuring out the punch line yet?

At a moment I thought that maybe I ain’t attractive enough , or is this guy just not straight ? All this suspense left me wondering just what the fuck! it’s an evening and it’s chilly plus this is coffee, well if the rumours I hear about this stuff is real.

” Um hmm,it’s getting cold out here,do you mind if we get in? “,he said and I was like, finally, that wasn’t hard enough after all, well but that was the one sentence speech in my brain, not yet out of my vocal chords. The inside of the house was another moment of a real life fantasy, the art , the design of the furniture, the wine display and hear this , the jazz beats all the way from the 80s , at this moment I take my words back , well this guy has been to events,just that it’s those infamous fundraisers I normally see in a Netflix movie probably with Beverley hills graphics, the art with the signature of big galaries that made me realise that I love art and the collection of original jazz music all the way from upstate New York brought in the vibe of the Victoria falls so original and not corrupted.

“This is epic”, I said to him.”what specifically ? “, he asked. I realized that I had no correct harmony of words to answer this man, so I quickly throw a fast glance to the interior once more, this time with the watchful eyes of a hungry canine. ” hey , you alright?” , he asked again, this time I just had to embrace my simplicity and say ” Am just blown with all this ” , as I spread my hand pointing on the overall interior. ” Everything you see has a story ” , he said as he sat down after changing the jazz track. We finally sat down and this was it , he finally opened his mouth , not to sip the coffee but to talk . The room lit with dimly coloured lights and the marble ceiling with enticing confectionery wafts , I now knew why people take coffee after all , its a catalyst to some big talk , a hack to skip the small talk.

To be continued..

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