“Focusing on my Goals is my armour” Fenny Fain

“Focusing on my Goals is my armour” Fenny Fain

November 25, 2019 1 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

It’s on a beautiful Sunday morning, just like a norm, almost all the local channels play gospel music, so this day is no exception. I’m this kind of a person who rarely listen to radio, but on this particular day I get attracted by the gospel music in one of the local channels and then the songs plays, what a wonderful track! By the time it winds up, I feel like I’m already saved. It prompts me to reach out for the artist.

Fenny Fain is her name, a 2017 Groove Awards nominee. She shares her thoughts and musical journey with TYM.

Who is Fenny Fain?
FENNY: A gospel musician , a business woman , parent and a wife
When did you start your musical career?
FENNY: I officially started in 2015- by recording.
What/who was behind the inspiration?
FENNY: My parents used to sing in church, so I admired them. Therefore, at a tender age I began singing in church and with time I grew to become a recording artist.
Challenges as a gospel artist in Kenya.
FENNY: Financial challenges , other people benefiting from our royalties without sweat and piracy.

Do you have future major projects or any that you are working on at the moment?
FENNY: I am working on few tracks, especially for the year 2020.
Your songs are such a blessing to the people, personally, I love “Mano Nyasaye” track. What message do you have for the youth who look up to you?
FENNY: Young people should not be discouraged by anything when starting any project. Instead they should forge ahead with determination , respect and passion
With challenges that you face as a female gospel artist, how do you overcome them?

FENNY: Intimidation ,people tend to take advantage of others. I overcome such by Focusing on my goals.
What was your major breakthrough in your musical career?
FENNY: I managed to record my first album with a hit song Mano Nyasaye which enabled be to receive a groove award nomination in 2017 and also numerous invitations both in and out of the country.
Lastly, what is your parting shot?
FENNY: I thank you for the good work which you are doing may God elevate you to greater heights in your career
As for me looking forward to a great Breakthrough ahead in my Ministry.

Here are her social media handles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fennyfainkenya?s=08

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fennyfainkenya

Instagram: Fenny fain Kenya.

Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOC1847WXfvgvJQjtUf_n1Q

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