To the one who comes next

To the one who comes next

March 2, 2020 1 By Nims Muchemi

I’m sorry, I’m sorry for all that you’ve gone through just to get through. I want you to know that every rosy and thorny step you took has led you to me. I’m also sorry that you will not have it easy with me. I was left to believe that scared will make me careful and that careful will help me survive. So, when my arms will be lost in your chest, I will feel a spark that ignites my heart but I will choose to ignore it. My cold black heart will start to heat up at the feel of your hands but my mind Will shutter the doors to my soul.

I will know you are the one the Great One sends because you will not give up on me just like Christ did not give up on humanity. Your sincere smile will drive me closer to your heart. I will never get tired of hearing your laughter. The truth is, I have known love from different angles but yours is the one I remember. I have seen light before but not like this.

The most attractive thing about you is your big heart. I know this because when you show me kindness for the first time in a long time, my mind will go silent and I will feel the pulses of my heart. I have been broken into a million pieces and trust me, my mind will not welcome you but you will be all that my heart talks about.

I will wake up to you one day. I don’t expect us to have a perfect day always but our imperfections will make a happy anniversary. You will conclude all my ideas and I know what will make our bond so strong is our love for Christ.Before then, I ask the Almighty to keep you in His word. My mouth will always whisper a prayer of faith that one day we will meet and I will have checked your list. I want you to look at me and know that God fulfills promises. I wish it could be sooner before all these beings stripe me down and drag me but the Lord says we should wait and be strong.