October 20, 2019 1 By Tonny Ogwa

Do you like noticing things? Then perhaps you’ve noticed how smart that title sounds. A stroke of genius wouldn’t you agree?
Before I shit on your boring lives any further, permit me to mention 3 things on Machester United against Liverpool match. Just so you know, I’ll still mention these three things with or without your permission.

One. Alexander Anold might just be the best English defender ever. We all agree that boy has football gods worshipping at his feet.

Two. Olegoonar Solksjar is exactly what Manchester United needs and anyone who thinks otherwise should perhaps see it wise to quit football punditry for a game that requires less intelligence like night running.
I’m not making this assertion based on the slightly improved performance the team demonstrated against Liverpool. No. I think Olegoonar is a creator, much like Sir Alex Ferguson. And creation is a process that takes time and requires more patience than Fred’s number of accurate passes.
That scottish guy who succeeded Fergy, Van Gaal and Mourinho the chosen one all left United in shambles. Now someone’s gotta clean up and recreate before United can reclaim her lost glory because it can and it will but only under Solksjar.

Can you read? Great, then perhaps you’ve come across Sir Alex Ferguson’s memoir and you can agree with me that the 1986 United that Fergy inherited is an explicit replica of the United Olegoonar has inherited.
In this book that you need to read if you haven’t, we get to know that it took Fergy 4 years to win a trophy, any trophy. His career almost hit the wall when United finnished 11th – place in the 1987-88 season. He was on the verge of dismissal when the 1990 FA cup finally saved his ass.

Ferguson would then proceed to build the greatest football team the world has ever known, a football force to be reckoned with. Perhaps his greatest achievement that highlighted his qualities as a creator and a football genius is what would be known as the class of ’92.
Now the class of ’92 gave the world some of the best talents ever, notably, Ryan Gigs, Paul Scholes, David Beckam, the Neville brothers and Nick Butt.

In this book that you need to read, Fergy also writes extensively on David Beckam and his obsession with “celebritishness”, fashion and media attention that would eventually lead to his football downfall before his prime.

Perhaps our very own, Jesse Lingard though not as talented as Beckam can borrow a page or two and learn from Beckam’s mistakes.
Fergy took along time to build the Man United that dominated the world football for decades. It will take Olegunar even longer time to resuscitate this team that we love back to it’s feet. And he will do it, because United is a madden diamond. It doesn’t glitter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t diamond anymore.

I said I would mention 3 things so ,Third. Why the hell is Fred even playing football? That guy should go dance Samba music or do something worthwhile with his life than masquerading as a talented Brazilian footballer. Also, I think I love this VAR technology a little more than I love Chapos.