Arboretum, Serves Environmental Justice Best

A documentation of arboretum was first done in the early 18th century. Where a private tree collection of Captain Robert Holford of the Holford Estate was founded and nurtured effectively. Furthermore, the biggest arboretum in the world is found in England, called Royal Botanic Garden in Kew. Which covers about 300 acre.

Generally, arboretum refers to a place where trees are cultivated for scientific and educational research or interest, on the other hand, it is a botanical garden devoted for trees. As we are aware of climate concerns brought by environmental degradation through industrial wastes, transport (carbon emission), agricultural chemicals and natural activities or events. Why can’t we live on earth as if it was borrowed? I’m quite sure that something you borrow you will not misuse, unless you are uncivilized citizen which I believe we are not.

Apart from educational and scientific research and analysis, it promotes a serene environmental atmosphere for reading and meditation of the read context. Readers and writers requires a serene and a cool environment for the brain to operate effectively. Therefore, let us encourage the creation of such like arboretum in various institutions and other parts of the nation, in order to promote both reading culture and environmental conservation hence serving justice to the environment and positive climate change.

It will not only promote the mentioned subject but also it will lead to the economical advancement through boosting the tourism sector since most tourists will be attracted towards such scenes. Moreover, the government and institutions will earn revenue adequately, leading to creation of employments for the youths.

Finally, for us to prevent these unnecessary deaths and sufferings brought by climate changes and environmental injustices, there is need to take care of our environment generally by just being responsible and answerable of our actions. Let us unite to promote and empower proactive champions and ambassadors of environmental justice through education and actions. Green, educate and impact sustainable life.

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