How to Give Your Best in Anything

How to Give Your Best in Anything

August 18, 2021 2 By Tyler Musalia

“I want to be better” Or, “I must get better.” These are words that most of us began with at the start of 2021. We laid down our plans on what it is we want to do or be like or achieve as the year proceeds.

The main question is, are you doing as you had promised yourself or going against the plans you had laid down. However, if you are still sticking to your plans, are you doing it right?

What is this that you are missing in your day to day endeavours? Are you doing it right? Are you satisfied by what you are doing so far?

If not, here are few guidelines by which you can abide by:

Believing in your efforts and what you can do is of importance. You may have doubts that whatever it is you want to invest in or action you would want to take towards achieving your goals are not going to help you get there but, what if you tried this one time? What if you gave it a shot?

Believe that the fact that you are alive and moving each day is just another opportunity for you to explore more within your abilities and strengths. Get hold of any opportunities that come your way today and days to come.

What or who is your environment. Who is this you walk with? Where are you right now? Is it giving you the challenge to even be better than what it is you are aiming to achieve? Does your neighbour, friend or partner push you towards living above and beyond your vision?

We have to take into consideration the fact that the things and people that surround us have a major impact on our lives. If you want to make some changes, start with that which is close to you. Let go of those bad habits one focus on building yourself.

For we to be able to attain much in our lives, we have to aim at having peace that is generated from the core of our minds and body. We are not able to attain much when we have so much going on in our minds and lives. We have to be able to sit and focus on what it is we want. Take out of our minds that which we feel is bothering us in one way or another.

The best way to see if we are making progress is to set limits and standards by which we want to achieve the set goals and targets. This way we are able to evaluate ourselves on whether we are moving forward or stagnating at one particular point and in our minds we are filled with the notion that we are making progress.

We have to also wake up and know, or have a plan as to what we are to do in a particular day. Set your emotions and attitude right and aim towards sitting at the end of the day and listing down the things you have achieved within the day.

For we to be able to accomplish something and get the best out of it, we have to put all our energies, resources, attitude, feelings and even moods in a positive way. Live knowing that for you to explore able to reach your set targets, you have to do your very best.

We might not have the energies since our bodies may not be so used to this new wave of energy and psyche that is emanating from within. Push yourself to adopt a new positive habit which they say, is built within 21 days. Ensure nothing is holding you back be it fatigue, after a 3 hour task maybe, but let it be passion that is pushing you beyond your limits.