Must We Expose More?

Must We Expose More?

December 11, 2020 1 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

We are slowly embarking on the train that’s heading back to the times when we only used animal skin to cover our private parts. Only that this time round we will be using G-strings, boxers and those kind of things.

Nudity has become famous. One can hardly go a day without bumping on quarterly dressed woman on instagram, or a man in his boxers flaunting the print of his ‘cassava.’ Fashion is apparently being appreciated more when more skin is exposed.

The younger generation is being exposed to visuals that they are not supposed to. The concentration of nudes in the media; music, movies, social media and TV shows has propelled this culture that is rapidly growing into young people. Where else would they have mastered the art of walking around in booty shorts?

The days when dressing well, belting up, tucking in, covering your body well are fading in the thin air. Social media is highly contributing to the influence. Netizens get fascinated when their followers grow, when they get more likes, when they interact with more people. It is easier to mine the aforementioned gold with just a post of nude, than it is when dressed in that classy tshirt, jeans and fresh sneakers.

Artists are also using the same bait to get copious viwership and audience. Songs are either flooding with naked women or lyrics that will make you undress.

When we just thought invention of clothes will save us embarrassment and shyness, then boom there is a large number of us that presumably feel comfortable walking naked. Women are no longer afraid to walk in biker shorts, short dresses that expose all their thighs and blouses that leave all their cleavage to the world. On the flip, men seem to feel more masculine when the print of their ‘cassava’ is seen by people.

Not long ago, ladies stormed in the streets with placards shouting, “my dress, my choice.” The controversy went on for a while, ladies defending their sense of fashion. They attached their dressing to their own desire. Later, dressing lustily was connected to the high number of rape cases. The survey showed that women drew rape to themselves by provoking men’s sexual desire.

There is a feeling that comes with dressing. Dressing with more skin fascinates some people, just the same way some people may feel uncomfortable in clothes that shows more skin. It is a a matter of choice and what you feel comfortable with. However, we should also consider the impact that our dressing is making to other people. It might be comfortable to you, but it’s making the people around you uncomfortable. Consider the environment.

The nudity culture is spreading its wings towards the churches as well. When we thought the Bible is against us lusting, the new trend is normalizing temptations in the house of the Lord, hallelujah! Gone are the days when knee length dresses, and official wear were the attires for church. People are comfortably dressing in minidresses, tight skin tights and the likes while going to church. Whilst many might argue that God looks on what’s inside and not how you’ve dressed, the people around you might be uncomfortable and lust instead of repenting. Again, consider the environment.

In as much as exposing more skin might make you feel comfortable, consider the people around you. Consider the message that you are sending to the younger generation. Consider the environment you are in. Consider.

A social media post with witty opinion, official dressing or just a good casual dressing will still get you likes and save you a lot of drama. Did I mention that bosses nowadays stalk their potential employer’s social media accounts before hiring? Think about that.

And the other group of people that wear minidresses and walk around pulling them down after every second should stick to trousers, please.

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