July 24, 2020 2 By Osoraaw Ink

How does it feel when you are disconnected?
Detached from reality, just in a deep daze?
Alone and resigned, do you resent solitude?
Welcome to my world, world of connections

Do you need that spot or job you love?
Well, do you know anyone who knows someone?
We are sorry but we need the connection
The only way to get there

Holla bro, how about your crush, y’all talked?
You don’t know any of her friends, my bad
Know someone who knows her
Thats the only way to get there

Hey poet, did they read your heartfelt ink?
Did they sing along to your songs sis?
Oh, you wanted the mjengo gig
Get to know people my friend

You still strangling the primate, poor soul
You still have to know someone to get laid
Okay, get that Wi-Fi password
And pass by the shop and get that KDF on credit

Hey, Drake just released a new song
Did you know your classmate is an artist?
And that annoying cousin of yours? I saw their YouTube channel
But they aren’t connected, Drake is you, know

How does it feel, when you can’t soar high?
How do you see them when they get up?
Help your homeboy rise, see them win
They are the connection your future kids need.