Joyline Razia Daria – THE FASHION MAVERICK

Joyline Razia Daria – THE FASHION MAVERICK

December 15, 2018 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Joyline Razia Daria is the moniker she was branded by her loving folks. A name that describes a model slash designer.

Razia has been in the modelling industry for years now and she says it makes her feel the sun from the inside. She models for Big deals sassy models.

Anecdotes from successful models is what inspires her to keep the fire inside her burning and blazing. She is an epitome of a go-getter, real definition of it perhaps.

She, however grouch that the modelling shows are inflexible and most of the time would interfere with her set schedules. Despite that she still asserts that fashion is her trail to success.

Apart from sashaying on the runway, she also design chockers, bracelets and she is also a make up artist. On her leisure hours, she enjoys coding.

She has her hopes set high and requests everyone to watch her space because big things are coming.