Juliani: Biography, Age, Career, Awards, Wife

Juliani: Biography, Age, Career, Awards, Wife

February 3, 2022 0 By Tyler Musalia

Who is Juliani?
Julius Owino, famously known as Juliani is a kenyan hip hop gospel artist. He is the third born in a family of six.

How old is Juliani?
Juliani’s date of birth has not been revealed yet though will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Where was Juliani brought up?
He was brought up in Dandora suburb with other six kids of the family. Back then he an individual from the gathering Ukoo Flani and performed with them at numerous clubs and nearby gigs to be specific at the prestigious Florida 2000 night club and gambling club before making the change to a free artist.

How did Juliani get into gospel music?
On his transition to gospel, he adds that he was raised in a Christian home and one of his friends called Brayo (of the secular group Warogi Wawili), had earlier gotten saved, and would encourage him. 

He introduced him to Nairobi Lighthouse Church and after much soul-searching; in 2005 he got born again and his spirituality grew day by day.

How did Juliani’s career come about?
In August, 2006, Juliani began working with Kijiji Records, whose name drove by neighborhood music pioneer Kanji, at a time in the past of Milele. He featured KORA chosen one, Astar, and they both visited numerous schools and universities.

He has socially upheld causes, for instance, Vina Na Maana-a fight against Economic Partnership Agreements, Stand Up Against Poverty-UN Millennium Campaign For MDG’s and as the World Vision Peace Tour-around Kenyan urban communities and towns.

In mid 2008, after the post-election viciousness in Kenya, he got together with other best craftsmen to record the multi-grant winning ‘Wakenya Pamoja’ single and its video.

Juliani was the main ever Kenyan craftsman to be marked to an undeniable UK-based record name, Gatwitch Records in 2008.

The result of that organization was the exceedingly acclaimed studio collection, Mtaa Mentality, discharged in December, 2008. Eve D’Souza, radio moderator, incited each admirer of cognizant music to get their hands on that collection.

Juliani teamed up with any semblance of KORA champ Eric Wainaina, Afro-combination sensation Kanjii, Kisima Nominees Holy Dave, and Wenyeji.

After the post-election brutality in Kenya, he got together with other best name craftsmen to record the multi-grant winning ‘Wakenya Pamoja’ single and its video in mid 2008.

It joined over 30 distinct acts such as humorist Churchill, Suzzana Owiyo, Abbi, Pete Odera and Rufftone.

Who is Juliani’s wife
Juliani is married to Lilian Ng’ang’a. He was previously married to Brenda Wairimu but got divorced.

How many Awards does Juliani has?
Kenyan Groove Awards champ in many classifications for the third year in succession and in 2008, as the desired male craftsman of 2008 at US Talanta Award champ.

The artist is known for his intense vybes and enthusiastic conveyance. He has additionally been designated a few times as the ruler of gospel rap.

Currently he is additionally the altruism envoy accountable for advancing youth cultivating in Kenya.

He has been on an ecological crusade since August 2009, and in December the same year spoke to Kenya at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.