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He is a lyrical and poetic maverick, with an authenticity that can’t be matched with any other, nor have been seen before. In this interview, We rub shoulders with Nagunwa, a poet and musician.

Tell us briefly about yourself
I am Nagunwa Juma born and raised in Nyamira county.

When did you realize you could do poetry and what’s your inspiration?
I realized that poetry was me and me being poetry, in standard four I wrote an insha that made my head teacher take it to the candidates to read.

What made you choose to do your songs in your local language?
What made me brand the kisii Swahili version is to bring out my own composed style.

Among your songs which is your favorite?
I do love them all but if I am to choose I will go with my story.

What is your worst reaction you’ve ever gotten from your fans?
Never had one, I appreciate my fans for that.

Which Kenyan artist would you wish to do a collabo with?
Any artist as long as has lines that can bring out something.

How has Covid-19 affected you as an artiste?
No more shows always being indoors.

What do you do apart from singing?
I am a journalist and also I do acting.

What advice would you like to give upcoming artists and poets?
Don’t ignore, walk up to be you and everything will be in line.

Parting shot
Don’t overwork,work smart and determination will make you to be who you want to be.

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