July 21, 2020 8 By Nims Muchemi

I’m alone.Not lonely.

I’m alone because I feel comfortable.

I’m alone because I want to embrace it.

I’m alone because I understand better. I understand that I will never be flawless. I understand the only being who will observe my pain is standing in the mirror. I understand, I can burn a village to the ground or I can put out the fire. It all lies with what truth i choose to be part of.

I’m alone because I’m ready to accept that the world is not a location that favours the kind. I’m alone because i digested that out of wealth is out of respect. I’m alone because the media tells us that certain beauty can be achieved needlessly, yet the people sharing these statistics have to attain it by interfering with what God said to be perfect.

Something is wrong with our society. We twist the truth and feed on validation. We all want to see heads turn on our sight instead of cities bowing, at the sound of our echo. We want to be indicated along when we mention a couple of heroes, yet no-one is brave enough to say Stop when the city is burning. We all want to be kings and queens of the kingdoms that we’ve destroyed. We want to be seen by the world yet darkness surpasses us all.

We are not ashamed of the rumors we let our younger generation believe.We have toxified our cities with platforms that make a meal out of our thirst for fame. We’ve believed in our imagination and let the reality dim away. We want to be needed but all we need is acceptance.

Then, if this is what is left of the world, I prefer to be alone.

If beauty is stretched out by being perfect, alone i will stay.

If i have to sell my soul to the society so that i can get a following, let me be alone.

If I have to go through major diets, staving myself to turn heads, i have decided to be alone.

Don’t confuse alone for loneliness. No! I’m not lonely. I have my purified soul. I have my undivided mind. I have my harvested body and in fact, these is all I need.

Can you hear that? nothing. That’s the sound of peace. That’s the language I want to learn. That’s the space i want to be confined to. My spirit longs for it. My mind is crazy about it. My body is seduced by it.

Where will you choose to be? I suggest be alone. It gives your soul satisfaction. Your mind relaxation. Your body motivation. I’m ready to face the world alone because I choose to. I’m ready to say stop because I want to. I’m ready to change the society because i have to.

My favourite rapper, Yellopain, once said ‘if you are not trying to make a difference, what are you about