March 10, 2019 4 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

He amplifies the voices of the youths through his spellbinding music. He advocates for unity, peace and a stable mentality among the youths. Here is Kimcoh, the legendary musical youth’s amplifier.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I am Michael Mwendwa, born and raised in kayole, a place called soweto, kimcoh is my nickname that I was give by my late grand father, coz it was his name, so still representing him as my stage name, RIP.

When did your passion for music begin?

It began back in the days while I was in primary school, a producer (salim) based in turkey in 2013 was the one who introduced me to the studio and it is when I did my first song.

What is the inspiration behind your song ‘maisha gani’?

The inspiration behind the song maisha gani ? It came about how young youths, at that time, were being killed by police, because of crime, also getting into drugs and early pregnacies, so i decided to ask myself and every youth out there maisha gani? Mi, we ungependa kuishi, is up to you to take the the right path.

Who motivates you to keep doing what you do?

First, respect to mzazi will m tuva coz is the guy who makes me going. There is something he likes saying, “if you have a passion to be what you want be in the future, Change your mind, be yourself, in anything you do, dont try to be someone else.”

Whom do you look upto?

no one, am just simple, humble and a patient man.


Huh I’d be somewhere doing acrobat. Hahahha it’s part of Art

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I do believe Inshallah, let HIS will be done (GOD) I will be far Mentoring and changing lives of many youth in our society.

Have you ever encountered rejection from a radio station?

No, but as an upcoming artist you face alot of challenges. What I have come to learn is that in every succesfull or a big artist, there is someone who is holding his back, a team that is pushing his work to greater heights.

What’s your next project?

I have something out on youtube called KAYOLE MTAA (Welcome to kayole soweto) is a song that I would like people to listen and watch to, coz alot of people believe that kayole is a bad place and I dont believe that welcome to kayole ni kuonyeshe soweto, kayole kwa huakika.I do have big things coming out this year, also this year am planning to get a management, so ka kuna mtu willing to help me push my music dream mi niko tujuane

Listen to “kayole” by kimcoh on YouTube.

Drop a piece of advice to anyone out there who has a heart for music

God first, Never give up, no matter how hard things are, trust your passion 100%, live your life, be patient In any thing you do, na pia KUJITUMA MUHIMU, peace .

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