October 18, 2019 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Mbugua and Leitisha got themselves in a relationship through their frequent marathon of sex. It all began when Leitisha invited Mbugua over for a netflix and chill. It turned into netflix and dick, as it always unfolds. What had been a friendship for more than 7 months turned into a friends with benefits whenever time was enough.

Feelings started blossoming. And the two were in love. A love that was stabilized by sex.

But, the two broke up 3 months later. Rumours had it that Leitisha cheated on Mbugua, but we all know that Leitisha got a more sweeter ‘cassava’ (or its Mbugua who found a tighter cookie.)

Relationships ‘pillard’ on sex hardly grow. Sex is good in a relationship but not that paramount.

A friend once told me that love is built. You meet day one, you know each other’s name. Day two, you talk about your interests. Day three, just bond. Day four, a deep talk at the coffee house. Day five, a walk as you talk about your childhood memories. Then… Second month is when you can now consider a relationship. Structure a bond… A connection… A vibe.

Most of us just want a relationahip today and sex tommorrow. And thats where we go wrong.

I won’t go the religious way and say that fornication is a sin. But i’ll support this current generation and say sex is good when the two of you have a connection and consent. It wires the two of you. It strengthens the relationship.

Mbugua broke up with Leitisha coz after all sex was the only thing Leitisha could offer. There was nothing unique about her that Mbugua knew. He could have mined more unique demeanors from her that could have strengthened their bond. He could have built the love. He could have structured a connection.

There are couples who draw boundaries in their relationships. Boundaries that are vowed to be respected religiously.

I know of a married couple who never went beyond hugging during their 6-years courtship period. They could only hug and thats it. That was their relationship rule. No sex before marriage. They knew very well that kissing could tour them to their pants so they did away with it.

You’ll hear people saying, “if he isn’t asking for sex then he has someone else who is giving him.” That’s not 100% true. Let’s call it a myth, shall we?

There are loyal people out here, don’t be fooled!
Sex is not a must in a relationship. You can live with it…or just leave it.