October 10, 2019 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

Butterflies might just be any other ordinary fly around to most of us. However, they are considered as the most important in different fields as compared to other insects.
Here are some of the facts about butterflies and why they should be domesticated.

Fact 01:Tile patterns and decorations.

Home owners usually walk to the ceramics industry to buy tiles of their own choice,not knowing what inspired the patterns and the decorations on the tiles. Engineers borrow from the physical morphology of the butterflies, how the wings are arranged and the different colours that make them look magnificent. Now you know.

Fact 02: Clean and safe environment.

When was the last time you came across a group of butterflies in your neighborhood? Of course you can’t remember, neither do I. Butterflies can only survive in a cleaner and fresh environment. Their absence or reduction in population in a particular area signifies that the area is not safe for habitation. They are not like any other insects, they love beautiful places, this explains why they are often obsessed with flowers.

Fact 03: Speed up the pollination process

To farmers, domestication of butterflies is of great help, butterflies are attracted to the flowers which in turn pollinate different flowers in a plant as they move. They can be used in greenhouses where wind pollination may be hectic.

Fact 04: Peace and harmony significance.

Butterflies are believed to be at peace. Their presence brings an inner peace and portrays a picture of the beautiful creation. It explains why the kids are often fascinated with the butterflies, they are like angels sent from above.

Fact 05: The butterfly effect psychology.

Butterfly effect psychology generally is a metaphor used in life in chaotic world. The theory suggests that small events in life can cause a serious implications to the world when people are in chaos. Psychologists derive the idea from the flapping of butterflies wings to having a tremendous effect. The theory is also applicable in romance to explain anxiety and excitement when someone meets his/her crush.