October 8, 2019 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

He hits a blunt, then gives me a weird look, “what if my mom had aborted me…where would I be?” I ponder on that question. He passes the blunt. I puff. “Maybe you are a product of a broken condom bro…” I respond then we all sink into a deep guffaw.

Leaders who would have changed the world got stuck in condoms. Rappers who would have come up with better lyrics got washed in sheets. Best lawyers were wanked off. Doctors who would have discovered the cure of cancer, or maybe AIDS, were swept down the throat. You get my point?

In our youth era, we tend to do things oblivious of the future repercussions. We waste our future in one night. We lose our blessings in beds, with people we don’t even love.

Abortion has become more common than corruption. In every 10 ladies in campus 6 of them have terminated a pregnancy (maybe pregnancies), or atleast attempted that uncouth act.

In campus, sex is categorised as a basic need. It’s ranked up there with class attendance. Sometimes it overtakes class attendance. Some of you have more body counts than your class attendance, wow! The same sex is the mother of unwanted pregnancies…which leads to, you know, stupid consequences.

I am not preaching against sex. I’m trying to instill a sense of abstanance and using protection. Abstanance might be a debacle for those religiously aDICKted. But how much is a condom?

Ladies have popped their clogs trying to get rid of a pregnancy. Some have tried using unmentioned objects and mixtures to flash off the Zygote. Those who fail to get rid of the beautiful scar end up dropping out of school, get a negative-branded demeanor and sometimes forced to look for a job just so they can support the baby. In most cases, baby daddies disappear. And the cycle continues elsewhere – same shit, different airfreshner.

Abortion is never an option. Abstanance is the best maintanance. Protection maybe?

…so my guy hits that blunt again, “so condoms actually break?”

“But you couldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case.” I retort.