Eleventh October is a day I am looking forward to celebrating. The international day of the girl child, the day we appreciate the struggles the woman goes through. This is a day that very few recognize the true amount of appreciation that the girl child needs to receive.

Some of the most vital discussions of this day would be femicide. According to the UN, men kill one hundred and thirty-seven women every day all over the world. This is according to studies released in November of last year. This is heartbreaking, but most definitely the bitter truth.

The numbers of women either subjected to violence emotionally or physically are countless in number. One life taken is one too many. Recognizing the signs Early enough is crucial in the prevention of a calamity.

Emotional abuse is the leeway to physical abuse and it is one thing many tend to ignore. This may include one calling you names and always yelling at you; .being told you are not good enough is not right. If at all, your guy does not believe in your pursuit it is high time you walk out of that toxic relationship. A relationship should be one of shared values and interests. A relationship should influence one’s life positively. Men expressing their dominance by belittling the woman are a very low way of living.

If at all each time you try to have a conversation with your man he throws punches and breaks things, it is time you go away from such a situation. The use of intimidation as the ultimate form of power and control is not the way to go. Individuals need to rethink their reasons for being in a relationship and acting accordingly. Small practices build up to habit and habits create one’s character. The thought that one day someone will change is very much uncalled for as it is not for you to change him or her but rather for him or her to seek the change. Holding on to a certain unconducive environment in the hope that one-day things will look up is lying to oneself. It might be in their nature to do what they are doing.

I recently heard of a case of a woman brutally beaten up by the boyfriend, though the man was apprehended we could prevent ourselves from getting to such a point.

Walk away from any form of malice, injustice or any relationship that is draining you. Ladies let us take charge of our own lives. As a society, we need to stand up against gender-based violence. Man or woman, it is our sole responsibility to fight for our own. Some individuals are scared to make the decision to walk away from a relationship. It is up to us to help them realize that they are far more precious than any relationship title. There is life past that relationship, more to life than taking in the crap and tolerating mistreatment.

Do not tolerate, gender-based violence, fight it!

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