June 16, 2019 0 By Paul Alpha Mwangi

You ever given a thought to what really lives in the world ­čŚ║? If not, you probably should. Possibly all the imaginable things exists. In all that’s existing below the sky, the most important and essential thing is the human mind, both the conscious and the subconscious. The central key for any human function right?

We are often conformed by our society to think in a kind of way instead of adding adversity nowadays it subtracts. A child is a very interesting creature to take note of, creature controlled by imagination and coping. If you showed a child how to clap most probably they’ll do it even if not to rhyme with songs, and they’ll do it to every music they hear.

If you’re keen, kids always do everything to perfection. If he went to play, better expect a dirty kid when he’s back. A baby’s joy to running tap water will watch it ooze out and play in the water till when it’s no longer pouring then goes find something else of fun to them( Of course if you don’t get them red-handed and they run).

We are often raised to going by the norms of the society and not really daring limits. We are masked, blindfolded to see vision and dreams, also dumfolded not to talk about our deepest intentions with our lives. Sad fact but really true. To venture the sleeping beasts inside of us, for the purpose of being happy ­čśŐ, fulfilled and contented with how we live.

With a society inclined to see success and fulfillment in net worth, titles, status and living standards we almost continue to enrich our graves, places that should be least of abundance. It’s only right to mask off and put on your limits. Material possessions is important, but i believe what’s more important is fully exploring and exploiting your talents potential. Go down empty.

The world needs more authentic and real faces. Push your limits and go for your dreams. “Sometimes a dream almost whispers, the hardest things to listen to being your instincts and intuition.

So everyday of your life is a blessing, you should be ready to listen to the whisper of your dreams even from behind you. If it tickles your heart and it’s really something you wanna do. Go for it. And just like a child’s mind, be happy and focus on what is positive.

Have a child’s mind but think like the leader /superstar /champion that you really are and should conform to. You can do it. You can do it. Remember obedience is better than sacrifice.

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