Always Give an ear, listen to the wisdom, locate the wisdom, ask questions be inquisitive. Know your music. Love your movies. Read books.

Be the alpha in your own life: take in the wisdom
I am one person who enjoys talking, speaking out, expressing myself. One thing I am learning is to listen more to give an ear for in talking you are saying what you already know but in listening to you get to add to your plate, to learn what you do not know.

What I find resourceful are books. We can gain knowledge from many avenues. One ought to be open-minded to be able to appreciate the knowledge. Different songs have a counsel, a wise word, and an inspiration that keeps people going. I have a favourite artist whom I listen to; this keeps me motivated, to keep going. I suppose each person looks for their best-suited taste and simply goes for it. Movies based on true stories are motivational. Beautiful and resourceful artistic work communicates a lot. The pieces of poetry are also inspiring our religious leaders do speak wisdom. Speakers like ‘Steve Harvey’ are legendary simply because they have tones of knowledge that everyone is seeking. Listening to such reality television could be very impactful. It is said, that we should not pick up everything we watch but most definitely, we can do the filtering and pick what is beneficial. I mean knowledge is everywhere we are the ones to seek it, the YouTube, googling the list endless.

What of those who do not listen to music? You may ask; the answer is simple, look around you, with each passing minute there something new we learn. Look at how the kids are appreciative of small things; take an example of how a parent will always know when something has changed. How football unites individuals, how individuals are seeking hope.

There is nothing that sells as much as hope, that is why churches crop up each passing day but when we learn to question, learn to listen we can salvage ourselves from the pangs of the malicious, controversial individuals out to seek the money. Getting to learn that with each day there will always be a challenge list is endless but being able to counter the challenge shows the level of wisdom. Too many individuals are being conned.

Daktari was LoBiondo we did see the queues that led to the said doctor, all in a bid to seek hope. However, we saw that it was just but a shame. We learn to analyse and take in the wisdom. Too many individuals are being conned.

Let us appreciate those individuals who make time to advise us, take time to encourage individuality. Learn to listen more as in every word given there is the knowledge but understand that we do not have to take everything in, we should analyse, keep what is beneficial. Learn to take charge, be the alphas in our own life for we are who we are and most definitely, if we do not allow ourselves to run our own lives. Some individuals will come in and run it.
With knowledge comes wisdom, let us learn to listen rather than just hearing.

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