December 20, 2018 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

He has the tang African sourced taste, with an RnB incorporation. His music is unique, spellbinding and very friendly to the ears. He commenced from his home, where everyone is a music fanatic, and he’s on his trail towards the world. William Okoyo AKA WillX Boy talks about his music journey.

TYM: Describe yourself in three words

WillX: God – fearing, Adventurous, spontaneous.

TYM: what does your name mean?

WillX: WillX BOY basically entails my name William, X is my alter ego, and my dad always calls me boy. Thats how i came up with WillX BOY.

TYM: what inspired you?

WillX: I got inspiration from a family full of musicians, my dad loved music my mom as well and most of the inspiration came from my big brother who used to teach me how to rap and sing.

TYM: If you weren’t doing music, what could you be doing?

WillX: I would be an entrepreneur or a music producer. I always wanted to be involved in music any way possible.

TYM: If you were a fruit, which one would you be?

WillX: Passion fruit. Rare to find and am a passionate guy (laughs).

TYM: do you regret getting into this industry?

WillX: I wouldn’t say I regret because all along i know patience is required in all careers. With that said, I’m more disappointed on the kenyan industry for not having a bigger music platform.

TYM: Where do you get your crazy ideas from?

WillX: Not necessarily crazy, but i like mixing genres in my music to bring my own african-inspired unique sound.

TYM: which song, in the ones that you have released, is your favourite? Why?

WillX: It has to be my latest ‘Kata More’ coz it’s my current release, I always love what i bring to the table. I am my own fan to start with, before anything else.

TYM: which Kenyan musician would you wish to collaborate with?

WillX: At the moment being an upcoming, and knowing so many other upcoming artist I would like to encourage them by working with them more. But if i had a gun on my head I would go with Sauti sol because they fit more in my genre pursuit.

TYM: which song do you feel is the best you’ve ever released?

WillX: I has to be ‘Nai ni ocha’. It’s chilled and showcases everything I’ve learned from my skill set and Nairobi itself.

TYM: what’s your typical weekend like?

WillX: Indoors watching football. Am a big sports fan.

TYM: If you were to date any female rapper, who would it be?

WillX: Honestly none, i am more of private relationships kinda guy. Too much spotlight burs the sparks.

TYM: Your advice to any aspiring musician

WillX: If it’s truly your dream, you will never be discouraged. You need practice, patience and prayer in your growth to becoming who you aspire.

TYM: which is your favourite emoji?

WillX: Love emoji. Coz that’s what we need to spread. There’s too much hate in the current world.

TYM: If you had one message to your fans, what would it be?

WillX: Sit back, relax and buckle your belts it’s one hell of a ride.

To get in touch with Willxboy, check him out on:

Facebook: willxboy
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Twitter :willx boy
Sound cloud: WillX BOY
Youtube: WillXYoutube
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His music can be found on :
Mkito: WillX BOY
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Sound cloud:WillX BOY
Spotify :WillX BOY
Youtube: WillX BOY

Click HERE to listen to KATA MORE