July 14, 2019 0 By Nims Muchemi

It pains me that they are all thinking about it but no-one is ready to address it. That’s why I believe, as Caroline mutoku said on the TEDx talks, they need to invite the men in the room and bring them to the table.

It is not a secret that in today’s century, women have been empowered as much than any other era before us. Women have stepped up their game and taken charge. That is not the issue at all, but who is preparing our men for these empowered women?

Most men will disagree to this but they have become too soft on what needs to be done. Jack ma, Founder of Alibaba, once mentioned in an interview “if you are a man and you have not achieved your dreams at the age thirty-five, you have failed. Everyone hated that interview but the truth is, the society is unforgiving to men. It disturbs me that some men talk about boy child empowerment.The boy child has always been empowered. It is his right and responsibility to be the head. To guide. To take control. To resume to his position. In fact, over the ages, men have been pulling the society forward.

The only difference now is that even Eve is waking and she knows it. It is sad that Adam is losing his position of taking responsibility. With this, woman sees a gap and is willing to fill it. Then, man feels threatened of his position and that’s where gender violence falls into place because, instead of him reacting to it in a modernized manner, he uses his strength. Men are not taking the mantel into their hands and women have this force inside them to pull them forward because they are on the move.

There is a hole in the universe and the male are not up to it and its okay women to take charge because it is the era of women to take their positions. It is time for women to step up and men to open their eyes because they are not slowing down and they should be able to keep up with the speed. Men should raise to the occasion.

It is time for us to realize that both male and female have been given certain responsibilities and to take our positions, we should not be based on gender but by our individualities. By using our personality to feed our mind and soul. They should focus more on our similarities than our differences.