The Chief Clown

The Chief Clown

September 25, 2020 1 By Osoraaw Ink

A clown, thats what the whole world sees in me
All because I am in love with you
Does it make you happy, when I simp?
Carrying your handbag down the streets
Holding your purse but footing the bill?

I know what it looks to you, a joke
All you want is use me, kill me
Take advantage of my pure intentions
Tell me, for how long are we doing this?
Make it known to me that you don’t need me

You promised to be my peace
Now you are the irregular piece
You spoke to me like an angel
I didn’t realize you were the devil
I should have known early

I thought I played my cards right
Why did you play joker?
I thought I was your king
I had you as my Queen
All you wanted is play Chess, knight

The ultimate goal was meet the bishop
Then we will be ringed till kingdom come
But you decided my kingdom will fail
You allowed my adversaries win
All am left with is this fragile torn heart

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