June 30, 2020 1 By Sammy Wanjala

Dear Murugi,

In case you’re thinking on coming back, I met someone. She’s not only beautiful but also challenges me intellectually. You never challenged me intellectually and I hate you for that. Foolish you knew I would never leave, right? Yes. I knew too but the intensity of your betrayal made me find someone else. And perhaps you’re having a burning question, “Does she love me?” Love is magic, they say. And I’m a magician. I’ve tricked her to loving me.

I wonder why memories we shared keep resurfacing suddenly. Are you triggering those memories? Are you falling apart? Do you miss me? Huh! It’s funny but sad in a beautiful way how I used to pray for a miracle to happen on our love. Sadly, you left before the miracle could happen. Or maybe the miracle was about you leaving and I had no option but to walk away. Could this be a reason why people say love is complicated?

Severally I told you you’d leave me hanging and I’ll cry tearless cries while letting you go? Twice, thrice? Mehn! I loved how you looked at me when I told you you’d leave. You thought I knew your plan? I didn’t know. You never liked that talk, why? To date I can’t tell how you planned to leave. Dammit! Your leaving plan must have been well orchestrated. Hat’s off. Mind helping professor’s team escape from the bank of Spain?

Before I forget, you were a fool, I mean, you fell for my word tricks. Like when I told you you were a puzzle and after our love journey ended you dared to tell me you were a puzzle I couldn’t find. You’re lost, find yourself.


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